No Results in Srebrenica Two Months after Elections

For two months, the public has not been offered an answer as to the final outcome of the local elections in Srebrenica. As the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SIPA and Republika Srpska Ministry of the Interior are involved in the investigation of possible election fraud, it was expected that election fraud in Srebrenica would be sanctioned.

However, there are no new details. It is clear that the authorities cannot provide more information for the purpose of the investigation, but the public should at least know why everything is taking so long.

Sadik Ahmetovic, Head of the Election Staff of the coalition “My address Srebrenica”: ”We believe that the Central Election Commission will have to make a decision in the next 15 days, given the time that has passed behind us, the degree of violations of the documented election law, everything that happened in Srebrenica before and during the elections,” he said.

The key move now needs to be made by CEC members and to announce the results of the elections in Srebrenica, which will also be an indicator of what and how many election frauds in Srebrenica, which the people of Srebrenica have been warning about for years.

The reasons why no decision is made are unclear. Even today, the answer is still scanty.

“Proceedings initiated by the CEC of BiH regarding the existence of suspicion of violations of electoral rights as well as the responsibility of the election administration are underway,” the CEC of BiH announced.

It is not known what is the subject of the investigation, and no one is in a hurry to confirm the allegations of the current mayor of Srebrenica. He was not available for statements today, but in earlier days he told some media that he did not know about the investigation conducted by the CEC, and that the CEC did not invite members of polling stations, the municipal commission or citizens regarding the investigation.

Grujicic’s position is known that everything is regular, and that there is no need to repeat the elections, BHRT writes.

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