Is there international Consent for changing the Dayton Agreement?

Ivanic about Outbreak of War dnevnik.baChairman of the Presidency of BiH Mladen Ivanić stated that changes in the Dayton Agreement will not be made, unless the nations in BiH agree upon that.

“It is impossible to compose a same team of countries and participants and that they all have the same views and attitude. Opening the topic of changes in the Dayton Agreement means the affirmation of three entirely different visions of BiH,” Ivanić warned.

According to Ivanić, one vision is dominant in Sarajevo and sees BiH without entities. The other one is in Banja Luka and it sees an independent Republika Srpska, if possible. The third vision in is Mostar and it refers to the establishment of a third entity or some special institution for representatives of Croat people.

“If we open this issue, again we will have a sort of conflict that existed before the war and automatically the continuation of war aims via political means. That is entirely wrong,” said Ivanić.

Ivanić does not believe that there is international consent for changes and that there is a unique view of international key factors about how the so-called “Dayton 2” in BiH should look like.

“it is perfectly clear that no one wants that,” Ivanić said.

According to Ivanić, in the past four mandates BiH has not been a subject of interest of presidents of USA or Russia, but of a much lower level of bureaucracy in ministries.

“It is unrealistic to expect that the world deals with us,” said Ivanić.

When it comes to the European path, Ivanić explained that Europe will not force anyone to adjust their constitution, but they will only request an attitude of BiH which is a complex state unit, through the coordination mechanism or in another way.

Ivanić emphasized that BiH is not the only country like that because, for example, there are even more divisions in Belgium.

“Therefore, I do not expect changes in the Dayton Agreement. I think the current political team in BiH had the opportunity to reach an agreement within the so-called April package, but the opportunity was not seized and I think that for a certain time in the future there is no chance that the Constitution of BiH will be changed,” Ivanić concluded.

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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