No Indications of a Cancer Return for Little Mak Hasic



Little Mak Hasic was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in March 2019, which this boy successfully defeated.

At today’s control in Istanbul, as the boy’s mother Lejla Huseinovic writes, it was fund that there were no signs of cancer returning to his body.

“We have the most wonderful news. Mak did a blood test today, a pediatrician’s examination and an abdominal and neck ultrasound. Since there are no indications of a cancer return, doctors have decided that it is unnecessary to do a magnet today.”

The boy will go to Istanbul for another check in three months, and until then he will be regularly inspected in Sarajevo.



The mother thanked for support, attaching a photo of a young boy who, tired of the road and examinations, sleeps with a mask on his face, Klix.ba news portal reports.


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