NGO ‘Mala’-Charity Dinner in Support of Formation of Bone Marrow Bank in B&H

NVO_malaThe nonprofit organization ‘Mala’, which launched the project of the formation of a bone marrow bank in B&H, is organizing today the second charity dinner.

‘’The goal is to gather as many blood donors and provide resources for typification, and for the B&H bone marrow bank to enter European and World Associations of banks that is the lifeline for people, because in this case a bone marrow transplant would cost 50.000 Euros and would finance health’’, said the Press Office of municipality Stari Grad.

‘’Currently in B&H, there are around 50 people waiting for a bone marrow transplant, and they need 400.000 Euros each for treatment. The price of one typification is 400 Euros, and it is necessary to do 1500 typifications so that the B&H bone marrow bank would join European and world standards and with this would enable for transplants from all over the world to be available to our patients suffering from leukemia.

‘’To accomplish this noble and humane goal, the second in a row charity dinner is being organized in order to secure the necessary funds. The price of one ticket is 50 BAM, and includes dinner and a welcome drink. The funds collected will pay for typification of blood samples’’, said in a statement.

The Mayor of municipality Stari Grad Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, as honorary member of the nonprofit organization ‘Mala’ and the first typified citizen of B&H is the sponsor of this event.

The NGO ‘Mala’ is the carrier of the project ‘bone marrow bank in B&H’ and in cooperation with the FB&H Ministry of Health.

The charity dinner will be held starting at 19:00 at Dom Armije of B&H in Sarajevo.

(Source: Fena)

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