New Year’s Concert of Chamber Symphony Orchestra Zenica

kamerni-zenicaThe traditional, 25th in a row New Year’s concert of the Chamber Symphony Orchestra Zenica will be held on 29 December in the large hall of the Bosnian National Theatre.

This year, the concert will mark the anniversary of its 25 years of existence and the work of the Chamber Symphony Orchestra Zenica, and 20 years since the founding of the Chamber of the mixed choir.

In addition to members of the orchestra and mixed choir, members of the choirs of the secondary and primary music schools in Zenica will perform.

The soloists are Maida Ibrahimagić-piano, Amer Šehić-accordian, Sanja Tavić-violin, Larisa Buro-mezzo soprano, Monika Akrapović-soprano, Dženis Mrkonjić-bass and other guests.

(Source: Fena)

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