A New Tram Line to Hrasnica to be constructed?

September 6, 2016 4:15 PM

tramsThe story about the project of building a new trails in order to connect Ilidza and Hrasnica by tram transport is several years old, and according to Mayor of Ilidza, Senaid Memic, and the Minister of Transport of Canton Sarajevo, Mujo Fiso, the preliminary design is currently taking place, after which they will know how much money should be allocated for this major project.

Mayor Memic is optimistic and confident that they will be able to actually start the implementation of the project very soon, given that they already have interested investors.

“We have people from Hungary who are willing to help us financially and we’re waiting for these things to come aound. They are ready to immediately talk about the four new trams that would drive on that route, and the second phase is reconstruction of this railway. We already bought the land, and we need to decide which route is better, green part or part of the road.”

The Ministry of Transport is willing to help with the implementation of this project together with the Municipality of Centar, although it requires substantial financial resources.

“We already had several meetings with companies from Hungary that were interested in this project. We have big ideas with this project, it needs to be done and we hope that we will realize it very soon ,” said Minister Fiso, adding that they are planning relocation of GRAS terminal from its current location in Ilidza to Hrasnica, in order to create a better environment.

(Source: sa-c.net)


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