New Tender for Construction of State Prison Will be Published on 9 December

drzavni_zatvorA new tender for the construction of a state prison will be published on 9 December. The conditions for application are clear and transparent because it is an international tender, in accordance with the conditions of an open procedure, said to Agency Fena the spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice of B&H Marina Bakić.

The estimated value is 28 million euros and the deadline for submission of bids is 11 February 2014. The financial means for this project are completely ensured. The project will mainly be financed by donors and loans and partially by domestic funds.

Bakić points out that B&H is about to have the most contemporary and most secure prison facility of the country and of the Balkans. It will have a capacity of 348 places, where 298 convicts and 50 detainees of the B&H Court will be placed. Here the most dangerous prisoners and detainees, war criminals and other convicts of all forms of crime will be placed.

(Source: Fena)

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