The New Spectacle: Night of setting the Guinness and World Records

taekwondoTaekwondo club “Bosna“ Visoko is working intensively at the organization of the State Championship in Visoko that will be held on 25th April 2015, and after the competition day, “Night of setting Guinness and World records“ will take place.

“Besides the national championship, duel of representatives of Germany and BiH for attempt to break Guinness record – duel hand-hammer, a Guinness record holder Muhamed Kahrimanovic against volunteers, will be held, and the prize is 500 euros“, said the director and trainer of the Taekwondo club “Bosna“ Visoko, Edin Kajevic, who will try to set a new world record that night.

As a reminder, popular Kaja, at the end of November last year, succeeded to break a Guiness record by breaking 40 coconuts in one minute with an elbow.



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