New qualifications and jobs with EU assistance in BiH

Eleven young unemployed people have new jobs as drivers, auto mechanics and auto electricians at “Centrotrans Eurolines” company, thanks to assistance of the European Union.

Twenty persons participated in the education programme organised by the Local Partnership of Novi Grad Sarajevo Municiaplity. Fifteen of them with secondary education completed the programme successfully, while four persons with higher education will continue with the education programme for a further two months.

The goal of this training is to give young unemployed people a chance to improve their knowledge and skills so they could meet the demands of employers.

Two more programs of re-qualification are ongoing, in the IT and body care sectors, with the perspective of employment for at least twelve persons.

The Local Partnership in the Sarajevo municipality of Novi Grad is one of 15 partnerships in the country under the ‘Support to Local Employment Partnerships in BiH’ project. This €4 million-worth project funded by the EU and implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) aims to increase employability of some 2,000 people and to create at least 620 new jobs in 22 municipalities.

More than 70 persons have been employed so far under the project, in wood, metal, textile and leather industry, agriculture, food production, tourism, IT, transportation and entrepreneurship.

The ‘Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ project is part of the EU Local Development and Employment Programme, funded by the EU with €19 million in order to reduce unemployment and improve living standards in BiH.

(Source: europa)


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