New Pressure on Bosniak Children in RS: They will learn about Serb Unity and History

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska (RS) recommended that, as part of the marking of September 15th, the “Day of Serbian Unity”, from September 7th to 15th, special attention be paid to content that speaks on this topic at regular classes in RS.

On September 15th, the Day of Serbian Unity, Free and National Flag is celebrated in RS. In accordance with the celebration of this date, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the RSproposed that the whole week be dedicated to the study of this topic in the curriculum of schools in the mentioned entity.

“While respecting the importance of nurturing culture and tradition in the RS, and having in mind the role and importance of school in educating young people, we consider it important to mark such dates. We recommend that special attention be paid toteaching in the period from September 7th to 15th, 2021 when it comes to the contents related to the mentioned topics, and to revive the memories of historical figures and events that contributed to the freedom, independence, and unity of the Serbian people through a series of activities in schools, ” it was noted in the statement.

They added that it is necessary to dedicate one school lesson to this topic.

“For example, the second class in both shifts, each teacher. It is necessary to use a unique framework prepared by teachers of the national group of subjects, with the support of the principal and the professional service of the school. The unique framework implies a picture and material for the organization of the class, and it must include communication with students on this topic, ” it was added.

The conclusion of the statement noted that teachers are expected to submit information on implemented activities, which must be supplemented with videos, photographs, and written materials or artwork – all in order to “promote teacher activities and examples of good practice in schools.”

To recall, various pressure is already being put on Bosniak children in the RS, among other things by not allowing them to study the Bosnian language.

The question is whether international organizations, such as the OSCE and the OHR, will respond to these new human rights violations in the smaller entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), especially since it is the most vulnerable population, Klix.ba writes.


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