What the new Law on Traffic brings to Citizens of BiH?

trafficThe amended Law on basics of traffic safety on the roads in BiH, which entered into force on the 15th of February, brought stricter penalties for traffic violations. One of them will be issued for using a mobile phone or any other device that interferes with the driver while driving. However, in comparison to some European countries, fines are significantly lower.”

“Talking and typing on the cell phone is not separated, and penalty applies generally to the use of devices that draw the attention of the driver to something other than driving. Penalties are ranging from 100 to 300 BAM”, said the Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Igor Pejic.

Although the use of cell phones while driving may threaten and endanger other traffic users, as well as the driver, the penalty is almost the same as for screeching of tires, or suddenly starting the engine with noise, which is a violation for which drivers are punished with 250 BAM. Of course, the fine is reduced by 50% if the driver confesses and signs the misdemeanor order and pays penalty in the period of 8 days.

Possible consequences of using mobile devices while driving are much more seriously understood, for example, in the UK, which has doubled the penalties for “texting” this year. For those who write SMS messages on Viber or comment on social networks, penalties are ranging from 200 GBP (457 BAM) and 6 negative points. The drivers who have just passed a driving test might be obliged to re-take the driving test if they are caught with a cell phone in their hands. In the case of repeating offenses, the driver can end up in court and receive a fine in the amount of 1,000 GBP (2,287 BAM), and prohibition of driving for six months is foreseen as well. The penalties are increased by 3 points and 100 GBP (228 BAM).

For the use of a cell phone while driving in the Netherlands you will get fine in the amount of 230 EUR, and in Italy from 152 to 600 EUR.

However, if we compare penalties in BiH with penalties in the region, then ours can be considered to be much stricter. The penalty in Croatia is 500 HRK (131 BAM), but if the driver pays immediately or in the next 3 days it is reduced by 50%. In Serbia, the penalty for use of cell phones is 10,000 RSD (157 BAM).

(Source: A. Z./Klix.ba)

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