New Law: Who needs to pay for using the Name of Sarajevo?

The use of the name Sarajevo is regulated by the law, as noted from the city administration. According to the decision on the use of coats of arms, names and displaying flags, all legal entities that contain the word Sarajevo in their name must have approval and pay a certain annual fee.

The amount of the fee is determined by the number of employees and earnings of the business entity.

“The amount of fee for the business entity with up to 10 workers amounts to 720 BAM a year, for legal entities with the number of employees between 10 and 30 persons the fee is 1,200 BAM, while fees for entities with more than 30 employees amount to 4,800 BAM,” stated Sanjin Smajlovic.

“Physical persons do not pay compensation for the use of the name of Sarajevo. However, if we established that certain natural and legal persons abuse the names of Sarajevo and use it for some unauthorized purposes based on our records and monitoring and supervision, then the obligation of the City of Sarajevo and the Public Attorney’s Office is to act in order to prevent possible damage to the City of Sarajevo,” said Smajlovic.

This decision was adopted in 2006 and has been applied since.

The fact that 43,900 BAM of revenues were collected last year based on the use of name of Sarajevo is a proof that the City of Sarajevo achieved benefit from this regulation.

(Source: N1)


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