New Directory of Civil Donors of Civil Society Organizations in B&H Published

August 31, 2013 8:59 AM

directory“Mreža za izgradnju mira” prepared the eight edition of the Directory of donors that supports the activities of civil society in B&H. This is a joint activity of CRS and Caritas BK B&H through the project ‘Choose Peace Together’ that is supported by USAID, and was published on the official website of municipality Travnik.

The Directorate of donors in B&H is a guide on the sources of funding for civil society in B&H. The Directorate was prepared due to the needs of war victims organizations in B&H, as well as member of “Mreže za izgradnju mira”, but can be used for all other civil society organizations that are looking for new sources of funding.

The Directorate contains information on 243 donors and calls for projects with offices in B&H and/or the world, and which finances activities in B&H. What is significant is that information on various programs can be found in the Directorate, as well as activities and geographical areas that a particular donor funds, deadlines, criteria, ways to apply and how to establish contact.

This is the eighth edition, and the plan in the next period an update is planned as well as supplemental information on new donors, deadlines and information on the criteria for funding.


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