New Busses on the Street of Sarajevo on Monday


KJKP Gras will include on Monday in Sarajevo, ten newly purchased busses of Mann brand, using LPG gas which is environmentally friendly.

All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and anti-vandal seats, and have a low floor which makes easy for persons using wheelchair to enter, was stated from KJKP Gras.

The vehicles will be deployed on the busiest lines in Sarajevo Canton, namely lines for Tarčin, Vogošća, Hadžići and commercial lines for Dobrinja and Hrasnica.

The vehicles that have been on these lines so far will be allocated to the lines for Rajlovac, Hrasnica, Osijek, Dobrinja, Buca Potok, Podhrastovi, Bare, Pofalici and others.

“We call on our customers to keep their vehicles safe and to treat them properly so that they have a comfortable ride,” was stated in the press release from KJKP Gras Public Relations.

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