Neum – increasingly attractive Destination for Vacation

July 29, 2017 3:15 PM


Summer is in full swing, temperatures are reaching all-time highs and a large number of Bosnians and Herzegovinian are planning their vacations. Regardless of the mode of transport – car, bus or plane – it’s important to be informed and prepared prior to departing, because rules at border crossings must be respected.

Considering that the Adriatic Sea is still the top destination, travelers are advised to use alternative border crossings such as Bijaca or Crveni Grm as to avoid the congestion at the most used border crossings at Doljani and Gabela polje, at which the wait time is sometimes between one and two hours. The Border Police of BiH (BPBiH) is asking all citizens to check their documents before embarking on their trips to avoid unnecessary delays.

“We’re informing citizens that after a change in the name or surname, in accordance with the legal regulations, they are obligated to update their personal documentation and that old documentation cannot be used to cross borders, Sanela Dujković, the spokesperson of the BPBiH said.

Many BiH citizens are deciding to spend their summer vacation on the beach in Neum. Even though some guests, especially the ones from BiH, are disappointed by the “privatization” of the public beach and unplanned expenses, Neum is becoming an increasingly more attractive destination in the previous year. According to statistics, in the last five years, the amount of visits to Neum has increased by 97%.

“Currently, Neum is at a 100% occupancy rate since we don’t have any more unused capacities,” Davor Krešić from the Association of Tourism Workers of Neum said.

A portion of beach in Neum is rented to hotels and visitors can rent beach chairs and umbrellas at a price of 6 BAM. The Municipality of Neum last year gave Hotel Grand the beach as a concession and they decided to put beach chairs and umbrellas all along the beach.

“We’ve somehow established rules of conduct so that everyone who comes and wishes to be on our beach can do so, but also has to pay to use those beach chairs and umbrellas,” Ante Konjevod, the director of Grand Hotel Neum, said.

While this news disappointed some tourists, others consider this a positive change.

“Many say that it bothers them, but it’s normal to me. The owner has put everything there, a cabin for changing, etc. Tourists weren’t charged for using the showers before and now it’s 0.50KM for 40 seconds, but that’s normal. You can’t use something but not pay for it.”

“It looks worldly to me. Better than everyone leaving their towel and laying wherever they want. There needs be an order,” visitors say.

Most guests are complaining about the high prices, but tourist workers believe that prices can increase in Neum. A two bed apartment in Neum, with a balcony and a sea view, costs between 100 and 120 BAM. Hotels are somewhat more expensive.

“This is the sea, after all. And this is tourism. Everything here costs, especially to the people who are the owners of the hotels and apartments. This little bag of watermelon is 3 BAM. You can buy 6 or 7 kilograms with that much money, but it’s more expensive here.”

“Surely they aren’t accessible to everyone. We save a little to come and the prices are a bit high,” tourists say.

If we compare it with the region – Croatia and Montenegro, the prices are half that in other destinations.




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