Neum City full for the entire Season, over 30,000 Tourists per Day

Despite the fact that many citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) frequently avoid Neum when going on their summer vacation, thanks to thousands of tourists from other parts of Europe and the world, our city on the sea is full of life during the summer months. Crowded beaches, hotels and cafes are witnesses to yet another successful season, as well as the need to invest into this city in order to preserve and develop tourism there.

Zivko Matusko, the mayor of the Municipality of Neum, in an interview for highlighted that he’s satisfied with this year’s tourist season. As he says, Neum is today full of tourists and he believes it’ll stay that way until the middle of September.

“Neum was really full to the last space during this summer, on land, on the beaches and in the sea. The number of tourists daily surpasses 30,000. I’m especially glad that we had such a good pre-season and, as I can see, the post-season will also be very good. We’re very happy,” Matusko said.

The largest number of tourists that are visiting Neum are from European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria, but this year, the beaches were full of tourists from the Far East, such as from South Korea and Malaysia.

Matusko further emphasizes how Neum can pride itself on how peaceful it is, considering that there were no incidents during the summer.

“As far as security goes, I think that Neum leads, both in BiH and in the Adriatic Sea. It’s all going in the best of order,” the mayor of Neum adds.

Neum will, in cooperation with the Tourist Community of the Hercegovina-Neretva Canton, at the end of September analyze the tourist season, when they should have the number of night spent in Neum and the number of visits of Neum this year. However, the exact number of nights spent is almost impossible to calculate due to the fact that not all guests are registered and the visitors tax isn’t always paid.

“We have indicators in statistics, information about the number of registered guests and information about the paid visitors’ tax. The real number of nights spent, no one has,” Andrija Kresic, the director of the Tourist Community of HNK, says.



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