Nesim Tahirovic, World-Renowned Artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina passed away


Nesim Tahirovic (79), a world-renowned artist, passed away on Thursday night in his hometown Tuzla.

In recent years, he has been battling a vicious disease, but on this night his condition got worse and he didn’t make it, Fokus news portal reports.

He left behind 45 years of artistic work in which he had 60 solo and more than 100 joint exhibitions in renowned galleries in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and abroad.

He has lived and worked in Italy, Poland, Germany, and BiH. He was a member of the Association of Fine Artists of BiH (in Bosnian: ULUBiH) and the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts of BiH (in Bosnian: ULUPUBiH). He has lived and worked as a freelance artist in his hometown Tuzla.

Nesim Tahirovic was born on October 23rd, 1941 in Tuzla. He studied painting with professor Kosta Hakman in Belgrade. Besides painting, he was engaged in applied art and scenography.

The time and place of the last farewell will be announced later, and Tahirovic’s wish was that no commemorative sessions be held and that only his family attend his funeral.

Photo courtesy Ahmed Bešsic – Anadolu Agency

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