Nesic: No Country would recognize the Independence of Republika Srpska

The President of the Democratic People’s Alliance (DNS), Nenad Nesic, said that the Dayton Peace Agreement and its Annex IV are “a sacred word for the DNS and it is pure adventurism to open that issue.”

He stated this on the occasion of the initiative of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD)  to open a dialogue with the parties from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) on the future of BiH, pointing out that the issues in BiH, according to him, are not a consequence of the BiH Constitution but the Constitution of the FBiH, ie the Washington Peace Agreement. This is why they should be resolved by the political factors in FBiH within the framework of the FBiH Constitution.

“The only possible future for BiH is the Dayton Agreement, which protects Republika Srpska (RS). Its opening means the opening of Pandora’s box and the placing of Damocles’ sword over RS. By repealing the Dayton Agreement, RS would be left without protection from its guarantors – Serbia and Russia, which the former Russian ambassador, Alexander Botsan Kharchenko warned a long time ago. Without Dayton, there are no guarantors,” Nesic emphasizes.

That is why, as Nesic says, it is unacceptable to open any dialogue with the Federation regarding the constitutional order of BiH.

“It is clear that 99 percent of Serbs would like an independent RS, but for something like that we must have allies in the great powers. At this moment, no state would recognize the independence of RS and that is why we must keep what we have,” he explained.

The DNS leader reminds that the Prud agreement, which was once signed by the leaders of the SNSD, SDA, and HDZ, did not lead to the separation of BiH, but of the RS.

As he stresses, instead of gambling with big topics, the government in smaller BiH entity needs to address internal issues such as vaccine procurement, employment, a better health care system, a better economy, more dignified life for veterans and war invalids, as well as retirees.

“When you bring up such a large topic, it does not mean that these problems have disappeared. You cannot offer people fun and games instead of bread and work. It is time to stop such games and to show seriousness and responsibility towards the people and the RS, ” concludes Nesic, Klix.ba writes.


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