Nejra used to ban Adnan from the Counter Strike Server, and today they are in love

November 7, 2017 12:30 PM

Meeting people on the Internet, or through social networks, is not a rare thing today. Such acquaintances often end up in romantic relationships and even marriages. A couple from Sarajevo, Nejra and Adnan, met while playing the famous online game Counter-Strike.

Nejra Korman is 21 years old, she lives in Sarajevo and she is a third-year student on the faculty. Her great passion are video games.

Her boyfriend Adnan Husejinovic is 23 years old. This young man from Sarajevo is also in the third year of faculty and just like Nejra, he likes games.

Nejra and Adnan were brought together thanks to their love for games, and their love is lasting for more than two and a half years. They met in an interesting way.

“I’ve been an administrator on a CS server for a long time, and it was one of the strongest in 2014 and 2015 in the Balkans and beyond. Adnan started playing CS on that server with his friends and he was one of the regular players, and I was banning him even more regularly. I used to think that he had a WH or Wall Hack because of his playing style. Because of that, he added me on Facebook to express his dissatisfaction with my behavior, and we had a small conflict as well. Ultimately, he apologized and offered me a chocolate, we went out and met, and we are in a happy relationship ever since,” said Nejra.

“I did not expect this. Of course, I met friends, but I really did not expect to be in a relationship with some player,” stated Korman.

They are still spending time playing games together.

“After we are done with our obligation on the faculty and home, we usually use our free time to play a few rounds of CS or PES. It has been a while since we played CW or Clan War, and we play games to relax a bit and have some fun with our friends,” said Nejra.

Besides being “enemies” while playing CS, Nejra and Adnan are rivals when it comes to football as well. They divided between city rivals FC Sarajevo and FC Zeljeznicar.

This young couple is planning a life together, and their future home will have a special room.

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