Necropolis of Stecak Tombstones from Kakanj soon to be recorded and arranged

November 14, 2017 11:45 AM

The expert team of PI Cultural and Sports Center of Kakanj, together with the students of elementary schools and history teachers from Kakanj, is working on recording stecak tombstones that are located in their municipality and which, according to some estimates, are placed in more than 70 necropolises.

“We have found 20 stecak tombstones that are not registered, and we are aiming to include all of them on the list, in order to start with the arrangement of necropolises,” said Aldin Sljivo.

“After recording all of the stecak tombstones in our municipality, we will also record all of those who have been taken from Kakanj. Two of the most famous and most beautiful stecak from Kakanj, Zgosanski stecak and Zgoscanski obelisk are located in the botanical garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo,” said Sljivo.

Besides the other necropolises, the one in the village Pavlovici near Veliki Trnovac, which contains 21 stecak tombstones, was recorded as well. A large number of tombstones was embossed with a base but without decorations and inscriptions.

They also recorded necropolis in a place called Crkvenjak in Haljinici, which contains a total of 14 stecak tombstones.

Stecak is a common name for a tombstone made of stone from the Middle Ages in the wider area of BiH, northwestern parts of Montenegro, western parts of Serbia and southern parts of Croatia, mainly in Dalmatia.

Within the joint project of four countries, stecak tombstones are enrolled in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a phenomenon.



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