NATO Admiral James Foggo III visited Burch University


International Burch University hosted a NATO delegation today, led by Admiral James G. Foggo III, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command of NATO in Naples.

During his short stay in BiH,  Admiral used the opportunity to learn firsthand about the concept of an entrepreneurial university as the only one in BiH and the region.

“When I heard about Burch University, I wanted to come and see myself how you work, because this type of education is the key to BiH’s development, and I am happy to be here,” Admiral said.

Burch University is the only university with an entrepreneurial approach where students learn how to think entrepreneurially, innovatively and critically. The entrepreneurial university also includes the cooperation of educational institutions with state and private institutions with the aim of developing the BiH economy.

Through discussions with staff and students,  Admiral has learned that educational institutions can help the state and society prepare young people, after graduation, to take destiny into their own hands, start and realize their ideas, enter the entrepreneurial world or be the innovators and initiators of changes in the companies they work for.

Admiral was also given the opportunity to meet Burch students who turned their ideas into startup projects and companies and work on, among other things, developing applications for the treatment of depression and mental illness, finding a cure for tuberculosis, developing software to improve employee productivity, and SOS bracelets to prevent violence and other innovative projects.

“I am delighted with the ideas that solve the world’s problems since BiH is in the process of reforms and transition. It is crucial to contribute to the education system that will allow young people to stay in BiH after graduation and to realize the knowledge, skills, and ideas they acquired in BiH. This approach will help transform society in general, and you are a good example of that,” Admiral concluded.

Burch University provides students with a special education system where, in addition to theory, a particular focus is placed on hands-on teaching, and entrepreneurship and management courses are introduced in all departments. In the teaching process, in addition to the professors, experts from the practice are actively involved, through practical examples and experience helping students to better understand a particular subject, the real sector, and life in general.

“Burch University is proactive in all segments of security development and peacebuilding in the country and the region by attracting the most talented students in the fields of business, engineering, arts, politics, and other fields. We are a rare example of a direct link between studies and the application of acquired knowledge in the real sector and life. Our goal is to retain young people in BiH, ” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, Rector of International Burch University.

During his stay at the University, Admiral spent most of his time talking with students, who presented their ideas, projects, and companies that were launched at the first university incubator. In addition, Admiral met former students who, through their education at Burch, acquired the knowledge they used in the real life and real sectors.

In addition to Admiral, the NATO delegation was accompanied by Brigadier Generals of NATO forces in BiH: Marty J. Bissell and William J. Edwards who will tomorrow take over the function of NATO Headquarters Commander in BiH.


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