National Park Una breaking Records: Numerous Contents for Tourists

December 24, 2017 2:00 PM

National park “Una” recorded a significant increase in all segments of business operation in 2017 and this was the most successful year so far,” said director of the Park, Amarildo Mulic.

Number of visitors was increased by 30 % in comparison to 2016 and a total of 85.000 visitors paid for specific service, added Mulic.

He also noted that Park is improving its work in the field of protection and preservation of all natural and other values and that they will continue to cooperate with partners from the country and region, with the aim to create ambient for sustainable tourism.

He also praised a very good cooperation with other national parks and protected areas in BiH and region, as well as international organizations for nature protection. He especially noted the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), with which they are currently implementing the project “Protected areas for nature and people”.

This area represents unique natural whole in this part of Europe, which is very important for preservation of the entire landscape and its biological diversity.

Preservation and protection of all values for future generations represents a basic determinant of sustainability of traditional activities of local population, including fishing, hunting, forestry and agriculture.

The same thing applies for the introduction of new activities such as tourism, recreation, education and scientific researches, with which the local population gets all the necessary conditions for quality life and development.



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