Municipality of Bugojno helps Unemployed Mothers

mom-and-babyMunicipality Bugojno has issued a public call for the allocation of funds from the budget, with the aim of improving maternity in that city.

It is planned to make the payment of one-time financial assistance to all unemployed mothers who gave birth in 2016.

Assistant of Municipal Mayor for the Economy, Social Affairs, and General Administration Sead Karahodzic said that this year’s budget of Bugojno, for this purpose, will allocate an amount of 32,000 BAM.

“After we receive the request, we will know the number of mothers, and the amount that they can get. According to our information, the number of beneficiaries of this aid could be around 280,” he said.

“In 2012, a total of 16.200 BAM was allocated, and the amount of 200 BAM was provided for 81 mothers. A year later, for the same purposes was provided 22.300 BAM,” he said.

Karahodzic considers support to unemployed mothers as very important, given the increasingly common decline of the birth rate.

“The situation will be further improved if we adopt initiative of councilors to help grow the one-time financial support to the financial support that would be provided to mothers throughout the year,” he concluded.

(Source: N1)

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