Multimillion worth Construction Works in Odzak to be completed soon?

Despite the winter, the construction season at the construction sites in Potocani, Josava and Vrbovac are continued without interruptions, and around 3,000 residents will be able to get connected to the water supply system this year. Works that are worth millions are entering its final phase, after which the problem of the lack of drinking water in this part of the Municipality of Odzak will be permanently solved.

Waterbeds, a water treatment facility, a power station and a pool were constructed in the local community of Vrbovac in a record amount of time, and the investment for this project amounted to 643,000 BAM.

After that, 5.7 kilometers of primary water supply network was constructed, and including the VAT, about 318, 000 BAM was invested, and the material for the beginning of the construction of 6.6 kilometers of secondary network will arrive soon.

Until now, a total amount of a million and 18 000 BAM has been invested in the area of Vrbovac, without the 203,900 BAM intended for the contractor, who has already been engaged in the construction of the secondary network.

As stated in the relevant municipal services, the construction of 8.6 kilometers of secondary pipelines is currently taking place, which should be finalized in the next three months. The projects of water supply that the residents of Vrbovec, Josava and Potocani are waiting for years are one of the priorities of this municipality.

After the completion of the project of water supply, which is expected in the summer of this year, more than 3,000 residents of these villages will finally have water supply in their homes. This is one of the priorities, and this year will be in the sign of its ending.

(Source: akta.ba)

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