Mujanovic: I am pleased that we have made ordinary People in BiH happy

The country should be the main sponsor in sports and invest in sports. However, in our case, the Basketball Federation was the one that provided adequate preparations for our basketball players, said the team of managers of the women’s national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Razija Mujanovic.

“The Basketball Federation really tried to provide adequate preparations for the national team, and we really had very good conditions, regardless of the lack of state assistance,” said Mujanovic, adding that without good preparations it is not possible to achieve good results.

When asked why they did not make preparations in Sarajevo, Mujanovic noted that probably Sarajevo was an issue.

“They never helped us in Sarajevo, for example, to pay for our preparations. Mostly when we are in Sarajevo, we have to pay for it, that is, the Basketball Federation.”

She told that she hoped that after the achieved result, politicians would open their eyes and understand what these girls meant for BiH.

“Not even one politician contacted us, only the media. I am satisfied that we made ordinary people in BiH happy, ” said Mujanovic.

Also, she added that from the first moment she entered this Federation she trusted these girls.

Mujanovic further talked about instructing young basketball players and training.


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