How much Money Citizens of BiH are keeping in Banks?

The Central Bank of BiH announced that the total deposits of citizens at commercial banks in BiH reached the highest recorded level of 11.02 billion BAM at the end of September 2017.

According to the data of the Central Bank of BiH, deposits of citizens make 57.6 % of total deposits in commercial banks.

“According to the maturity structure, time and savings deposits amounted to 5.44 billion BAM in September 2017, which represents  a total of 49.4 % of total deposits of citizens, of which short-term deposits (with a maturity of less than one year) amounted to 504 million BAM or 9.3 %, and long-term 4.94 billion BAM or 90.7 %. Transaction accounts and demand deposits amounted to a total of 5.58 billion BAM or 50.6 % of total deposits of the population,” as announced by the Central Bank.

They stated that strong increase in domestic currency deposits was recorded in the past five years since they participated in total deposits with 36.4 % at the end of 2012, and now they reached almost 50 %.

“Therefore, deposits of citizens in BAM amounted to 5 billion and they make 45.4 % of total deposits, and deposits in EUR amount to 5.47 billion and they make 49.6 %. Deposits in other currencies amounted to 549 million BAM and have a 5 % share in total deposits of citizens,” as said in the statement.

They noted that deposits of citizens are continually increasing, regardless of the fact that average salaries and pensions are not recording any significant growth.

“In comparison to the end of September last year, deposits were increased by 770.9 million BAM or 7.5 %. Despite low deposit interest rates, citizens continue to keep deposits in domestic banks, which is an indicator of established trust in the banking sector and the system of deposit insurance,” he said.

Time and savings deposits are increasing at a lower intensity and they were increased by a total of 0.6 % (or 34.2 million BAM) at an annual level.

(Source: klix.ba)

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