Mr.Hasan Ramic after He found a Bag with 75,000 Euros: They did not even thank me

A few days ago, Hasan Alic found a bag with 75,000 euros in front of a hotel in Kalesija, which he returned to its owner. In an interview with Klix.ba news portal, Alic says he never thought about keeping another’s belongings to him, and after returning the bag to its owner, they did not even say thanks to him.

This 70-year-old pensioner last Thursday found a bag in the parking lot in front of the Kalesija Hotel Kosuta, unaware that it contained 75,000 euros which he gave to waiter while he went to the police station.

“I was in Kalesija with my wife, and I found a blue bag in the parking lot. I gave it to the waiter and in the meantime, I went to the police to report the case. On the way back I found a woman and a man in the parking lot who took the money and were counting in the presence of the police,” Alic said in an interview with Klix.ba.

Alic says that he did not want to keep the money for himself, or something that doesn’t belong to him.

“After they took the bag they didn’t thank me at all. It was at least fair to at least say thank you, but I’m not interested in that after all,” Alic told Klix.ba news portal.

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