Mountaineering Action “Lakes Zelengore 2013” in August

ZelengoraThe Mountaineering Club Zelengora’ from Foča will organize, from 1st to 4th August the  traditional action ‘Jezera Zelengore 2013‘( Lakes Zelengore 2013).

Organizers say that this is one of the biggest expeditions on mountains in our area and it is planned by Mountaineering Association of RS.

Gathering of participants will be on first August at the town square in Foča  at14 pm, and after that is scheduled the departure by buses to the lake Donje bare.

The next day is scheduled the departure to Orlovačk lake through Uglješ and Bregoč, and to continue towards the lake Orlovačk.

The tour to lakes Kotlaničk, Štirinsk and Borilovačk is planned for 3rd August, and the next days will be tour to the village Vrbnica through Videž, Crno i Bijelo Lake. In Vrbnica is  planned a meeting with the participants of the event Dani borovnice” ( days of blueberries) which will be organized by the municipality of Foča.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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