More than 80 Films at Jahorina Film Festival

jahorina (1)At the VII International Festival of Ecological Tourism of the Jahorina Film Festival (JFF), a total of 85 films from 20 countries will be shown.

At the opening ceremony tomorrow, the feature film LED by Jelena Bajić-Jočić will be shown, who at the recently held festival for acting achievements in Niš won the Zlatna Lincura for the best film that speaks of the ecology of the human soul, and picked up other acting awards.

The festival will be from 25-28 September, and there will be three festival categories.

The sponsor of this festival is the RS Ministry of Trade and Tourism, FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Fund for Environmental Protection of the RS and the FBiH Fund for Environmental Protection.

(Source: Fena)

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