Montenegrin Minister to Visit B&H Tomorrow

lukšićThe Deputy Chairman of the B&H Council of Ministers Zlatko Lagumdžija will meet tomorrow in Sarajevo with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro Igor Lukšić, who is on a two-day visit to our country.

Minister-Councillor Nebojša Regoje, the Mayor of the Office for Public Relations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to B&H said to Fena that this is a regular visit of a Montenegrin high official to B&H.

‘’During the meeting of ministers, they will speak about the ways to improve the economic relations between B&H and Montenegro, the agreement in the relationship between the two countries, cooperation in areas of Euro-Atlantic integration and regional cooperation’’, said Regoje.

The meeting will be held in the building of the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The media will be allowed to film the protocol reception at 9:00 in the hallway of the Ministry building and the beginning of the meeting of the delegation that is expected to start at 9:15 in the small hall of the building.

After the meeting, Lagumdžija and Lukšić will address media representatives at the conference that will be held in the large hall of the building at 9:50.

In addition to the meeting with Lagumdžija, Lukšić will have a meeting with the Chairman of the B&H Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda, announced the Office of the Chairman.

(Source: Fena)

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