Montenegro supports Bosnia’s Path to NATO Integration

Deputy Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Josip Brkic and State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro Ljubomir Misurovic led the delegations of ministries at bilateral consultations on NATO issues, held today in Sarajevo.

The consultations focused on the strengthening of cooperation with neighbors and within the region while promoting dialogue aimed at resolving outstanding issues.

The delegations exchanged views on Montenegro’s experiences in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration, and cooperation within the US-Adriatic Charter (A5) and best practices in the use of instruments and mechanisms of cooperation with NATO.

The experiences of Montenegro in the field of public diplomacy were also presented.

Brkic pointed out that the bilateral relations between BiH and Montenegro are at a high level of mutual respect, and that they are an example of good neighborly relations. Improving relations with Montenegro and other neighboring countries are one of BiH’s foreign policy priorities, while regional cooperation is a vital and irreplaceable mechanism on the path to EU membership.

The support of Montenegro, as a country that has recently become a member of NATO, to Bosnia and Herzegovina is very important and useful, as well as the exchange of experiences and “know-how” in Euro-Atlantic processes.

It is especially important for BiH to have the experience of Montenegro in the field of public diplomacy, i.e. to inform the public about the importance and advantages of improving relations with NATO in the context of Montenegro’s communication strategy.

The delegations of BiH and Montenegro agreed that regional economic cooperation, crucial for the transformation of the Western Balkans and rapprochement with the European Union, should be continued, especially when it comes to liberalizing the movement of goods, capital, services and people.

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