Montenegro is the Only Coronavirus-Free Nation in Europe


Montenegro currently remains the only European nation without a single confirmed case of the coronavirus which has become a global pandemic and infected over 150,000 people worldwide and killed 5,798 as of Saturday evening.

Despite Montenegro’s capital of Podgorica being situated less than 300 kilometers from southern Italy, a country which now has the second highest number of coronavirus infections in the world after China, Montenegro has managed to remain coronavirus-free.

Dozens of people have been tested, however to date there has not been a single case of the infection reported in the country.

Deniz Türkbay who resides in Podgorica and sells cleaning products via Instagram, told The Sarajevo Times that while he is not concerned about personally contracting COVID-19, he is taking precautionary measures to maximize his personal safety and hygiene.

“I’m not afraid….we are absolutely peaceful…low population…we personally take care of cleanliness, and I am not in crowded places,” he said.

“I’m just not going to the mall, cafe or market anymore,” Mr Türkbay added.

Contrastingly, a female customer service attendant at a popular supermarket chain in Montenegro’s capital who doesn’t have the option of avoiding public spaces due to her occupation, revealed she is fearful about the spread of the coronavirus.

“I’m so worried about this whole virus thing,” she said.

Ana from Niksic, who works in beauty product distribution, told The Sarajevo Times she is apprehensive about the wellbeing of her loved ones in light of the global pandemic.

“I’m not a panic-maker, though I do care about my family. Somehow we expect every moment to announce that someone has received the virus,” she said.

According to Reuters, as of Friday, Montenegro has placed a ban on public gatherings, and closed schools, ports and some border crossings for at least 14 days as a preemptive measure to attempt to manage the spread of COVID-19.

Written by Miya Yamanouchi for the Sarajevo Times.

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