Monography of B&H ” Jedna lijepa avlija”

December 14, 2012 10:09 AM

The luxurious monography of B&H entitled ” Jedna lijepa avlija” (One beautiful garden) was promoted last night at a unique Sarajevo restaurant ” 4 sobe gospođe Safije”.

The book contains more than three hundred photographs and illustrations, multiple interesting stories and legends. In total, it presents different and intensified vision of nature, people and emotions. The cover of the book, as a garden should be a mirror of the household, is also elegant, refined and of a lavish production. In this ” garden” the readers will have the opportunity to meet people who knew how to inspire other people to believe in this nation and as a result of that it tries to awake healthy patriotism.The book also encompasses thoughts and ideas that record times and people, habits and tradition, as well as the enormous heritage left for us to explore.

The authors of the book are Amela Pagano and Elvedina Močević, the creative duo, and the founders of the Creative Association called ” Gruppa”. Around fifty external associates around B&H participated in the realization of this monography. The most interesting part is that this book was made in two versions, one in Bosnian language and the other in English. The book has luxurious velvet covers, while the inside of the book is carefully designed and printed.

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