Modernization of Road Towards Kneževo

putThe modernization of a regional road Kotor-Varoš – Kneževo and the asphalting of roads that connect villages will be the most important investment this year in the area of the Kotor Varoš municipality, said to Srna the Mayor of Kotor Varoš Dalibor Vučanović.

Vučanović recalled that the asphalting of the regional road Obodnik – Šiprage was completed on time, and the construction of a bridge on Vrbanja in the neighborhood of Kalamanda began.

He said that the cost of the construction of the bridge would be 530.00 KM, an the works are financed by the public company “Roads of RS”.

“The modernization of local roads, whose maintenance is the responsibility of the municipal administration, will be carried out in accordance with the plan of capital investment, and we will try to evenly invest in the entire municipal area’’, said Vučanović.

(Source: Srna)

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