Miroslav Klose caught a huge carp in BiH

miroslav_klose-648Striker of Lazio Miroslav Klose, visitied Pelagićevo and there he did some fishing at the Pelagićevo lake, reports klix.ba

He came to Pelagićevo with his friends and he spent six days in Pelagićevo.

Jovan Kovandžić from the Fishing association of Pelagićevo said that Klose caught several nice carps and added that Klose said that he spent great time there and noted that he’ll come again.

Pelagićevo lake hosts numerous fishing competitions. The lake was founded during the construction of the road Tuzla-Orašje which started in 1968.

It has many fishes; carp, catfish, pike, perch, bandar, Prussian carp, tench, etc.

Two years ago around 30 carps of over 20 kilos were caught while the record carp weighed 26.2 kilos.

(photo: funscrape)

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