Minister Sarovic: We should repay Gas Debt with a Part of the Clearing Debt

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Sarovic stated that the issue of war debt for gas was the main topic of conversation at a meeting between state commissions of BiH and Russia that took place in July this year. The Russian side requested from BiH to propose a plan for repayment of that debt, but BiH has not done anything on that topic until today.

“When we received funds from the clearing debt of the former SSSR, I proposed that at least 20 % of those funds are directed to repayment of gas debt, but others thought that it was not necessary and that it is better to spend that money, and you will see on what that money will be spent in both entities. If we had done it like I proposed, we would not have to worry about gas debt for a few years, but now we are in this situation,” said Minister Sarovic.

He noted that the debt in the amount of 104 million USD was reduced in the last few years because the FBiH managed to ‘collect’ certain funds through the price of gas for consumers and reduce the debt by about 5 million USD, which is insufficient and we need to find other modalities of repayment.

“I informed the entity prime ministers about this about 45 days ago and once again noted the need for a final agreement, since the entities are considered as debtors, and I offered them to be a coordinator in this issue,” said Sarovic.

He noted that the Russian side is requesting for this issue to be resolved, but they are not threatening to suspend the gas delivery.

(Source: klix.ba)

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