Minister of the Interior of the Sarajevo Canton tested Positive for Coronavirus

The Minister of the Interior of the Sarajevo Canton, Ismir Jusko, has been infected with the coronavirus.

Jusko confirmed this information for “Avaz” in telephone conversation from self-isolation. He felt no symptoms.

”I’ve been infected for five days. Although I did not feel any symptoms, on Monday I went for a preventive test and the result was positive,” says Jusko at the beginning of the conversation.

According to Jusko, he called his colleagues, used therapy, …

”Two of our colleagues have died in the last ten days. These are people who had 30 years of career, and they were not known until they died. For that reason, but also out of respect for thousands of others who are not among us, I wanted to leave all this to myself,” says Jusko.

The Minister of the Interior of CS does not hide that the coronavirus has largely entered the Sarajevo police.

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