Minister of Defence of BiH: ”We are ready for NATO”

Minister of defence of BiH Zekerijah Osmic said that the defence institutions of BiH will face many challenges, and one of the largest is the registration of immovable military property as the property of BiH, in order to fulfil the condition for the Membership Action Plan in the NATO alliance.

Another priority of the Ministry is to solve the issue of surplus weapons, mines and explosives and also to solve the issue of locations that plague the functioning of the Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH).

Osmić said in an interview to ”Dnevni Avaz” that the international institutions gave best grades to the Ministry of Defence in the implementation of reforms. Osmić added that AF BiH is aware of their values and their flaws that need to be corrected in order to speed up the process of integration of BiH to NATO.

He said that BiH is only one step from the activation MAP program, which is the registration of military assists. ”We need to solve the jurisdiction problem of the property of BiH, and after that we hope that we’ll get the green light to start MAP.  The accession of BiH to NATO will bring great benefits to AF BiH but also to the entire country”, said the minister.

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