Minister Delic: Improving business Conditions in the Industrial Zones of CS is our Imperative

At the invitation of the Association of Businessmen “Network” (Mreza) Vogosca, the Minister of Economy of Canton Sarajevo (CS), Adnan Delic was at the industrial zone in this municipality on Friday, and together with businessmen visited the business facilities of the companies Team media teleport and Hager d.o.o Sarajevo.

The visit to the companies was preceded by a meeting with members of this association, where they discussed the problems faced by businessmen in Vogosca’s industrial zones, such as problems with outdated installations, poor road infrastructure,and property and legal relations within the zones.

“Here, we have issues with water, poor or insufficient road maintenance, lighting problems. These are all problems that we have been trying to solve for many years. The main goal of our association is to create a better and more favorable environment, and currently, we have not provided even the minimum conditions for businessmen here to do their business here, ” toldSamir Ligata, president of the Association of Businessmen ”Mreza” Vogosca.

During the meeting with businesswomen, Minister Delic emphasized that, as always, he was committed to improving and enhancing the business environment in CS, as well as that the infrastructural arrangement of industrial zones and resolving property and legal relations within them is one of the priorities for which it is allocated six million BAM in the budget.

“We will try to find a solution in cooperation with the local community and businessmen who operate in this industrial zone, as well as with the owners who own part of the common infrastructure within this zone. The precondition for ours, but also the investment of the local community in this industrial zone, is that all common property within it be registered to the local community, ” emphasized Minister Delic.

He added that companies such as Hager, Team media teleport, Proceda, Comela, Penny plus market, MBA bakery, Visoko tekstil, and dozens of others operating in this industrial zone are some of the most successful companies in our market, which can and want to invest in new ventures. That is why the priority is certainly to provide them with a better business environment.

Company Hager was founded more than 60 years ago in Ensheim, and today has production facilities in 24 locations around the world, and its offices in more than 120 countries, one of which is in Vogosca. Their office building is made on the principle of a smart building that saves energy, has the ability to manage and maintain remotely using an application that can be designed according to the needs of each individual client.

Hager manufactures more than 40 types of different high-quality products for residential, purpose-built construction, and commercial buildings. All products are manufactured using the latest and most modern technology and have the same quality as those in Germany and other countries where the company has its own production facilities. In the yard of the office building,there is also a charger for charging electric cars.

“The main reason for our success is the traditional closeness to the craft. In cooperation with clients, we develop products, grow, and celebrate mutual successes, ” told Hajrudin Ramic, director of this company, pointing out that they are proud of everything they have achieved in the past sixteen years, since when they are on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The company Team media teleport is unique and there is no such company in our country. This company is the latest teleport center in Europe, purpose-built and designed exclusively on the most modern IP (network protocol) technologies that provide a large number of technological possibilities and options.

“In the beginning, the DTH (directly to the house) multiplex consisted of only six TV channels, but soon public services and other commercial stations, not only from BiH but also from the region, joined this multiplex,” explained Samir Ligata, the company’s owner, while remembering the first days of the company.

Today, nine years after the founding of the company, with the help of advanced IP technology, which is used, among other things, to transport TV channels, Team media teleport has no restrictions on delivering TV and radio channel signals from any remote location and broadcasting them on EUTELSAT satellites.

Currently, channels from Miami, Frankfurt, Budapest, Athens,and many other remote locations are delivered via Internet and multi-layer protocols and are broadcasted on EUTELSAT satellites via Team media teleport, Biznis Info writes.

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