Millionaire from the U.S. Donated $ 5,000 for the Public Kitchen in Visoko

anel bajtarevićAnel Bajtarević, who last month became a millionaire in the United States by winning $ 20.800.000 in a lottery, has donated $ 5.000 for the public kitchen in Visoko.

Thanks to local portals Bajtarević got to know for the initiative of opening a public kitchen inVisoko and through his father,Muhammad he established the first contact with the portals.

Through this payment the Association of Young Volunteers say that it has been paid the first major donation of  funds for the start of the public kitchen in Visoko.

Soon in Visoko should begin working the first public kitchenAssociation of Young volunteers fromVisoko has made complete project documentation and the works on opening of the kitchen are already in progress.

The project aims to improve the situation of socially vulnerable people from area of ​​Visoko and it is based on the opening of the public kitchen, which will daily distribute 200 meals for200 vulnerable people from the area of​​this municipality.


(Source: klix.ba)

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