Military Exercise “Combined Effort 21″BiH has started at “Manjaca”

Exercise “Combined Effort 21” (SEL-2 INF-L-BNG) of the Battalion Group of Light Infantry of the Armed Forces of BiH has started at the military range “Manjaca”

The Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (AF) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), General Colonel, Senad Masovic, announced yesterday that the AFBiH will conduct an assessment exercise SEL-2 of the Light Battalion Infantry Group at the Manjaca combat training range from September 6th to September 10th.

“This is an exercise that will be assessed/evaluated by the evaluators of the AFBiH along with the evaluators of the partner countries, and in the entire process will be evaluated by the NATO alliance,” told General Masovic.

He reminded that the AFBiH last year conducted two types of assessments for the Light Battalion Infantry Group.

“This year we are conducting the SEL-2 exercise with a clear goal and intention to prepare the Light Battalion Infantry Group for the key and demanding assessment of NEL-2, which is ‘waiting’ for us in 2022 and which will be conducted entirely by NATO,” Masovic said.

Also, he noted that by 2018, the AFBiH had declared smaller units that were fully assessed by NATO as NATO interoperable and combat-ready, with a clear desire to raise the level of capabilities and the level of cooperation with NATO.

“This task is by no means easy and implies significant resources, but also a significant increase in the level of interoperability and training. It is a task that speaks very clearly about the capabilities, tasks, and the capabilities of the AFBiH,” said Masovic.

He explained, at the same time, that the SEL-2 exercise will be implemented in accordance with the NATO concept of operational capabilities and with full respect for all epidemiological measures.

“The evaluation exercise of the Light Battalion Infantry Group shows a clear commitment of the AFBiH, as well as the state of BiH to reach NATO standards in all segments and continue on NATO’s path to full membership,” pointed out General Masovic via video message, BHRT writes.

photo: Anadolu Agency

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