Milanovic’s Statments provoked Resentments of Politicians in BiH

The President of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, ended his three-day visit to BiH with a visit to Livno, during which he gave several statements that provoked the displeasure of politicians in BiH, Beta writes.

Commenting on the statement of the Bosniak member of the Presidency of BiH, Sefik Dzaferovic, who assessed Milanovic's  behavior of "an indecent guest in someone else's house", Milanovic said that he was not "a guest from the bazaar in Sarajevo".

"I am not a guest of someone from the bazaar here, but a guest of these people I came to. The elected authorities and the Franciscans, "Milanovic told reporters in Livno.

He told Dejan Jovic, an adviser to former Croatian President Ivo Josipovic, who criticized Mlanovic's views on the constituency of the people and the rights of national minorities, saying he "did not want to comment on allegations by escort lady Milorad Pupovac, whom Josipovic had to rush out of office".

On the occasion of media writings of how he supported Zeljko Komsic as a candidate for a member of the BiH presidency from the Croatian people at the 2010 pre-election rally of the Social Democratic Party BiH in Sarajevo, Milanovic said: "Yes, I was there on that square in 2010 and never again, and in 2014 I saw what kind of justice that is ”.

During his visit to BiH, Milanovic said he would not officially visit Sarajevo until Croats in BiH were given the right to elect their member of the BiH presidency. He pointed out that the Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH, Zeljko Komsic, "is not a representative of the Croatian people" and demanded that the Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH must be elected by citizens of Croatian nationality.

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