Milanovic arrived in Vitez: There will be no official Visit to Sarajevo until some Things are resolved

Zoran Milanovic, the President of the Republic of Croatia, arrived on a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) yesterdayand held his first meetings in Vitez. Before the meeting, he stated that the Croatian army had saved Bihac, that Komsic was not the Croatian representative, and that NATO members are ignorant.

What attracted the media’s attention right away was the Flower of Srebrenica on Milanovic’s lapel. He started his visit to Vitez with a meeting with representatives of the Croatian consulate in BiH.

Milanovic told he was here eight or nine years ago as prime minister. Commenting on his stay in Vitez, and not in Srebrenica on July 11th, Milanovic said that he had visited Potocari as prime minister and that he would visit that place again when the opportunity appears.

“That what people are saying is awful, and what they are trying to do just shows they are not good people. I have been there and I will probably go again, but this is humanly bad that they are trying to do and that it has nothing to do with me, but I experience it all the time,” said Milanovic.

Also, he added that he has not had an official visit to Sarajevo so far and that he will not have one until some things are resolved, more precisely, until the Croats in BiH get the right to elect their president.

“Komsic is not a representative of the Croatian people. He must be elected by citizens of Croatian nationality. In Croatia, members of minorities can only be elected by members of these groups. As a Croat, I cannot elect a Serb or Bosniak representative of the people in parliament,” explained Milanovic.

He explained that there are no more concessions when it comes to the protection of Croats in BiH and emphasized that everything was clear at the NATO summit.

“Something has happened that NATO leaders have no idea about, but some other people, some other level, not decision-making but intrigue is dealing with it and I want to know what’s going on. Suddenly, Dayton is not mentioned in documents of NATO and the European Union (EU), the term of constituent peoples is being avoided but we need to talk about it openly, “Milanovic pointed out, adding that he would not allow that someone goes below Dayton standards.

He noted that the Croatian army had saved Bihac and that he would repeat it many more times, Klix.ba writes.


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