Migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina forbidden to leave Reception Centres


The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Ministry of Security, adopted a Decision on Restriction of Movement and Stay of Foreigners in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to minimize the consequences and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In essence, the decision applies to migrants from African and Asian countries although it was not mentioned directly in the decision, according to the Klix.ba news portal.

The first paragraph of the decision describes exactly the situation in which most people who have illegally entered our country in recent months and even years find themselves.

“The decision restricts the movement and stay of foreigners who do not have valid

identification documents on the basis of which their real identity can be defined, who are illegally staying in BiH, who have indicated their intention to apply for asylum and have a valid certificate of intent or who have applied for asylum in BiH, “the Council of Ministers said.

Restrictions on these foreigners apply to the prohibition of movement and stay outside the centers in which they are accommodated.

Foreigners Affairs Service in cooperation with authorized police office entities and Cantonal Ministries of Internal Affairs and the Brcko District Police will bring foreigners in BiH with any of these statuses, who are outside the centers in accordance with the Law on Foreigners, to the nearest temporary reception center, according to the place where the foreigner is located.


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