MHS Company from BiH produced Software that enables Simultaneous Reading and Printing of Bills

October 19, 2017 7:45 AM

Simultaneous reading, billing and printing of bills sounds quite unbelievable, however, that kind of software was presented by the MHS Company from Sarajevo. According to one of the owners of this company, Hadis Kustura, the process of reading and printing bills is simplified and accelerated, which implies saving time, as well as money, for all companies that are dealing with this.

The MHS is the first courier company from BiH that specialized for delivery of small unaddressed shipments and they developed software system of distribution of bills from the need to facilitate their job.

“You can do reading of anything, including electricity, water or gas and immediately hand over a bill to the consumer. We have presented the software to all companies from Bihac and Gorazde to Jablanica and Mostar, as well as in Hungary, Romania and other countries and people seemed to like it,” said Hadis Kustura.

He noted that they are not selling software or distributing bills. They are actually doing outsourcing, or agreeing to take part of some of the internal activities of a certain company, through which that company realizes savings.

“We are developing the system and giving it to companies that have the need for reading and have their own readers as well,” said Kustura and added that they invested around half a million BAM for the project, which they allocated from the primary business of courier service.

Dzafer Rastoder, Sales Director of this company, noted that they are using Motorola-Symbian printers and machines.

The first company with which they signed the contract after the announced international competition (to which only MHS applied) is Water and Sewerage (ViK). The contract was signed on a period of three years and MHS will realize an annual turnover of 300,000 BAM, according to the contract.

“We agreed to perform the first testing with the past management of the ViK, because they were interested in realization of savings, and according to their reports and analyzes, these systems would save them 46 % or almost 1 billion BAM,” stated Kustura.

They concluded that they believe in this project, mostly because it is efficient, but that the software, for which are interested companies from neighboring countries, as well as Europe, needs to break through on both domestic and the world market.

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