MFA of BiH reveals are there any Citizens of BiH killed or wounded in Sri Lanka

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no information that there are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina among killed and wounded after the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka.

Head of the Public Relations Office of BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nebojsa Regoje said to Federal News Agency that, according to information of the Embassy of BiH in New Delhi, which is non-resident representative of BiH in Sri Lanka, the injured and killed foreigners are mainly citizens of Western European countries, as well as USA and Japan.

“According to the information available to our embassy, there were neither BiH citizens with permanent residence in Sri Lanka nor announced group tourist visits to that country. It is possible that someone in a personal arrangement traveled. If there are such people, we invite their acquaintances, friends to inform at our embassy in New Delhi if they need any help,” Regoje explained.

Multiple blasts which shook Sri Lanka on Sunday have claimed 207 lives while more than 450 others were wounded, Sri Lankan police said.

Altogether eight explosions have ripped through the country so far, with six blasts hitting in the morning and two in the afternoon. A curfew has been imposed from 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. local time on Monday.

The Sri Lankan government has also imposed a temporary ban on social media to prevent the spread of false information.

Seven people have been arrested over the multiple blasts, the Sri Lankan government said. They were arrested during a security forces raid on a house in the Sri Lankan capital several hours after the attacks.

Of the dead in the blasts, there are 35 foreigners, the police confirmed. Hospital sources had earlier said nine foreigners were among those killed while 13 others have been injured, Xinhua reports.


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