Mercedes Benz recognized the Value of a Patent made by BH Inventor

Inventor Zoran Vujinovic from Knezevo confirmed that Mercedes Benz recognized the value of his patent “Tesla’s three-phase rotary engine with internal combustion” and forwarded it to the patent department of Daimler AG on the further procedure.

Vujinovic also added that they submitted the required amendments and clarifications of the patent to the above-mentioned manufacturer of motor vehicles and thus successfully completed the technical phase.

“We have submitted a patent application to the Patent Office of Mercedes Benz on verification of formalities and they will contact the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH for further clarifications in the next period, and after that, we expect open talks on the models of cooperation. Considering that this is an invention that will change the future of using aggregates in all areas at the global level, it is clear that the state of BiH can expect some considerable benefits from this project, which also further emphasizes the responsibility of all participants in this process,” stated Vujinovic.

(Source: akta.ba)

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