Memorial Service for Serbs killed in Zalazje to be held Today

A total of 26 years since the murder of 69 Serbian civilians and soldiers at Petrovdan in 1992 in villages of Sase and Zalazje near Srebrenica and Biljaca and Zagoni near Bratunac will be marked with the funeral and laying of flowers at the monument in the village of Zalazje.

Memorial service will take place at the monument to killed Serbs at Petrovdan in 1992, as well as all the other Serb soldiers and civilians from this municipality in the last war.

Mortal remains of ten Serb victims were found and exhumed on June 10, 2011, from the mass grave on Zalazje. They were identified and buried at Petrovdan in 2012, while two victims were exhumed, identified and buried earlier. Ten victims are still missing.

The program of the traditional memorial and cultural-sport event “Petrovdanski dani”, which are organized in memory of the killed Serbs, will be finished with this marking.

Sports competitions, as well as visits and receptions, were held during the event and gifts were handed over to 30 families of killed and missing Serb soldiers and civilians from this municipality, as well as war veterans.

Last night, a memorial service was served in the Church of the Holy Mother in Srebrenica, and the evening of spiritual music was held on this occasion as well.

(Source: klix.ba)


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