Memorial Museum of Travnik “Rodna Kuća Ive Andrića”; The Interest of Tourists from all Continents does not Decreases

house of Ivo AndrićThe Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić was born on 9th October in 1892 in Zenjak, a Travnik neighborhood. As an addition of the Museum Travnik on 30th August in 1974 was opened the reconstructed house of  Andrić with permanent exhibition on his life and on his literary work.

On the day of the death of Ivo Andric, on 13th March 1975, the Museum of Travnik proposed to the Municipal Assembly of Travnik that the Memorial Museum to be renamed Memorial Museum “House of Ivo Andrić”. Under this name is even today, and the interest of tourists and visitors is increasing.

“If we look at the book of impressions, then we see that there are signatures of visitors from all continents and almost from all European countries. This tells us that interest in Ivo Andrić as a writer, and also for his work is not decrasing, but is steadily increasing. This is proven by the increasing number of visitors who come to the Memorial Museum”, says Enes Škrgo, the curator of the Memorial Museum.

Visitors can see the birth room with furnitures, a library with works in various languages, a room dedicated to the novel “Travnička hronika” and in the corridors are placed copies of drawings of Zuka Dzumhur as an illustration for a short story “Priča o vezirom slonu”and the photographs taken during the last visit of Andrić to Travnik.

“According to the fact that the house was in use for several decades, it required the renovation that we have successfully carried out, but also we have modernized the exhibition setting. Thanks to technical improvements, we can show to visitors in the modern and sensitive way the Andrić’s literary work, especially his attitude towards Travnik and some of the most beautiful pages of its literature that is devoted to his hometown”, said Škorgo.

Memorial Museum marked significant dates. These are the 50 years since the award of the Nobel Prize, the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first literary work and 120 years since the birth of Ivo Andrić.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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