Memorandum on Cooperation of Economic Chambers of RS and Serbia Signed

rukovanje_aPresidents of Economic Chambers of RS and Serbia Borko Đuric and Željko Sertić signed today in Banja Luka a memorandum on cooperation between the two chambers.

This document is based on the Agreement of Special Parallel Relations between the Republic of Serbia and RS, to encourage, promote and facilitate trade and industrial cooperation, and the establishing of effective internal communication.

The Memorandum point out, that the upcoming period to be particularly focused on areas such as energy, infrastructure, metal and electrical industry, aggro sector, wood processing, tourism, transport and communications, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, ecology and other.

Đuric said he will monitor the implementation of the Agreement CEFTA 2006, to participate in the elimination of interferences and non-tariff barriers in order to achieve its effective implementation and to share experiences of good practice.

Chambers have expressed a willingness to provide information to each other and to  communicate the experiences on conditions and procedures for compliance of companies with the procedures and practices of the European Union, with the special emphasis on trainings of chamber staff and jointly work on projects of European institutions.

In addition to the signing of the Memorandum, the themes of the meeting were part of the promotion of economic cooperation of RS and the Republic of Serbia, with special emphasis on certain potentials, barriers and problems that entrepreneurs face in business, but also the possibility of implementing joint projects in energy and infrastructure, performs in third markets and regional integration, and exchange experiences in the application of the EU and other projects of interest to the industry.

After the meeting the delegations of Economic Chambers of RS and the Republic of Serbia, were welcomed in Banja Luka by the entity President Milorad Dodik, President of the National Assembly Igor Radojičić and Prime Minister Željko Cvijanović.


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